Chuck Russell

President and CEO, The Technology Council of Central PA.

Chuck Russell

I'm a Central Pennsylvania tech entrepreneur focusing on Technology, Technology Startups and Entrepreneurship. I'm co-Founder and serve as Senior Partner of Collective Intelligence Inc, an information technology consulting firm located in Lemoyne, PA.  I am President and CEO of the Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania and am one of the organizers and agent provocateurs of Central Pennsylvania's UPNEXT Festival. 

Prior to Collective Intelligence, I co-founded Infobuild Networks, an Internet research and collaboration company. Before Infobuild I co-founded Peak Technologies an Internet browser utility and Internet research company. Prior to Peak I founded Innovative Desktop a Java server platform company who's Java Application Server technology was acquired by Peak Technologies in 1996

I live in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, with my wife Tara and our four children. I blog at

Specialties: Application of, big data and knowledge management & startup, entrepreneurship. I love to build things... you can follow Chuck Russell on twitter @CICHUCK.